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Why should you get Replacement Options for the Missing Tooth?

According to one of the American Dental Institute, approximately 178 million have a missing tooth and if you do not take measures to fill the gap, it can increase your dental problems. Injury and dental diseases are one of the most prominent causes of the missing tooth.  And the impact it can have on the lives of people is undeniable. This is why it is important to underline the reason for filling this gap, as people tend to underestimate the problem and end up making it worse. Hence, the following article will attempt to make the people aware of the problem attached to the missing tooth.

Why should you get Tooth Replacement?

Bone Loss
The vulnerability of the bone in your mouth is one of the main implications if you ignore the option of replacing the damaged tooth. It is also called bone resorption as the absence of the tooth makes it easy for the germs to infect the gums in terms of damaging it. The teeth are not only helpful in chewing, but it also protects the teeth from dental infection and if the tooth gap is not filled, the bone becomes prone to the diseases. Moreover, if you do not get treated, you can lose other teeth and eventually it will ruin your facial appearance. In some cases, the face shape can change and the asymmetry of the lips will get affected. Furthermore, the gum diseases are another likelihood and infection of the teeth near to the infected area.

Ability to Speak and Have Food
Although everybody is not affected by this problem, however, if you are in the category of those who are prone to developing speech problems, you may not be able to speak. Similarly, if you continue to lose more teeth, you will not be able to fbite or chew the food. Moreover, the remaining teeth will get burdened due to the missing tooth and digestive issue can increase, as the diet gets affected if you do not eat all the essential elements required for the body. Some of the patients can develop nutritional problems and the process of swallowing the food will get hard. The problems in the frontal teeth usually disturb the ability to pronounce words in the right manner. Some can have a lisp and it can get difficult for people understand your speech.

Reduction in Self-Esteem
In addition to the tendency to get diseases and eating problems, people tend to suffer from the image of their face and how they are perceived. For instance, it can decrease the confidence to go in public or talk to them as the person can get careful about the public appearance and how he/she is perceived by the people. In some cases, others may not be the problem; the self-critical part of the person may make it hard to interact with people in terms of remaining confident. If you know somebody who is not confident or gets worried about the smile and missing teeth, you can suggest them alternatives to increase the confidence and self-esteem.  Some sensitive souls can struggle at the workplace and it eventually disturbs the nature of their personal relationships. In simple words, the cost of the low self-esteem and dental problems is more than the estimated implications.

Replacement Options
If you are convinced about the repercussions of the missing teeth, you can choose many options to get the replacements. For instance, dentures are one of the famous choices, dental bridges are another and dental implants options are very durable. If one compares the merits of the dental implants, it can definitely outweigh the demerits of other options. For instance, the jaw bone gets a safeguard from the infections and the titanium post will fuse with the jaw bone to provide a steady foundation for the teeth. This means you can prevent the dental decay and the cosmetic appearance of the person will improve to a large extent. However, if the installation process is not complete, it is best to avoid hard food options in your diet.

Dental Visits
This can seem the costly option to some of the people, especially if you have a low budget for the dental health, but the result of avoiding the regular checkup is worst. In simple words, if you do not go to the dentist, you may not be able to take precautionary measures. In some cases, you may have the symptoms of the diseases that can be avoided if the dentist conducts a detail examination of the mouth. Moreover, if you notice changes in your mouth or experience pain, you should consult the dentist to diagnose the problem. Furthermore, if you get the replacement options, you will have to get the treatments done in various stages. And try to follow the recommendation of the dentist strictly to recover early.

To sum up, one can say that missing tooth is not an ideal situation, it can get frustrating for most of the people and if you are experiencing problems in communicating or speaking words like they are supposed to, you may need to see the speech therapist, it can make the process of overcoming the obstacles easy. Similarly, if you can spread information about the risks of missing tooth and implications for the overall health, it could save people from developing complications. If you are concerned about your appearance and smile, it can be addressed by going to a good dentist, who may provide you a solution within your budget range. Similarly, if you need information about the teeth alternative, you can ask questions from the ones who have gotten the substitute options. For instance, if you are not convinced about the merits of the dental implants, you can try the option of dentures with the advice and consent of your dentist. Similarly, if you are concerned about the jaw bone health, you will have to find an option that may bolster the bone rather than increase its chances to get infections. Hence, it is best to do research and compare the merits and demerits of the alternative options before you get them.

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